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Development of urban space and rural areas:

Urban Network Development: To develop Pleiku city to become the center of the province and of the Northern Highlands; to develop the satellite network including Chu Se town as the IV-level urbran and the southwest regional centers with supporting localities including districts and communes of Chu Pah District, Dak Doa, Chu Se; East-West city including the town of An Khe (grade Ill), Duc Co border gate and Chu Ty, development of town, centers in the districts of Duc Co, Chu Prong, la Grai, Mang Yang, An Khe, Kong Chro and Kbang District; Southeast urbans are tied to urban centers of Ayun Pa town.

By 2020 Gia Lai is aimed to become the I-level province; 3 towns and 20 hamlets are aimed to be the district centers with about 635 thousand people who represent about 41.5% of total population of provinces.

To maintain the stabilization of rural population: as well as the arrangement and distribution of population in the area; to gradually invest and construct the infrastructure for the communal centers and residential areas which are connected to the new planned rural areas.

To develop the economic subregions:

  • Eastern Truong Son Mountain area (including the town of An Khe, Kbang, Kong Chro, Krong Pa, Phu Thien, la Pa district and Ayun Pa town): to take advantages of soil potential for land expansion, to enhance the productivity, the output of crops and the practice of cattle breeding.

  • Western Truong Son Mountain area (including Pleiku, Chu Pah District, Dak Doa, la Grai, Chu Prong, Mang Yang, Chu Se, Duc Co: to utilize basalt soil in this region to develop high-in-economic-value industrial crops such as rubber, tea, coffee etc... in association with agricultural processing industry for export and industrial development.

  • The remote and ethnic minority areas: to continue investing in developing the socio-economic infrastructure, to improve the people's income and population's intellectual; to gradually narrow the gap in living standards between disadvantaged areas with the developed areas of the province; to organize and efficiently implement the published regime and policy for the disadvantaged areas; to call for help from organizations, individuals and businesses of all economic sectors to invest in the region's economy

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