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Land resources: Gia Lai province has large fertile and nutrient-rich land area, particularly red soils on basalt rock which is very suitable for development of perennial crops such as coffee, tea, rubber and fruit trees.

Water resources: Thanks to the abundance of short and steep rivers and streams system, Gia Lai has the great hydropower potential, of which Se San is one of the 3 rives which has the largest hydropower potential in Vietnam with the capacity of 1,485MW; Besides, Ba river systems has the capacity of 402MW and Serepok river system has a capacity of 496MW. In addition, the province also has many natural and artificial lakes such as: Ayun Ha lake, Bien Ho, Ia Hrung, la Nang, Ia Ly, Ru Ninh etc.
Forest resources: Gia Lai has large areas of natural forests with the forest coverage rate of 52.85% of the natural land area. The volume of woods exploitation from natural forest and the yearly forest plantation production is more than 100,000 m3 which meets the demand of raw material for woods processing industry as well as pulp production with large- scale and high quality. There are many rare plants in Gia Lai Forest such as Sao, sandalwood, Trac, Kien Kien, Bang Lang, Cho. The fauna, system is diverse with 375 bird species, 107 species of mammals, 94 species of reptiles, 48 species of amphibians, 96 species of fish and thousands of species of insects and soil animals etc. Especially there are rare animals such as rhinoceros, gaur, tigers, leopards, Asiatic black bear, civet, flying squirrel, red wolves, pygmy loris, gibbon, flower-spotted bat etc.  

Mineral resources: Gia Lai is rich and diverse in mineral resources. Precious metals group has bauxite, gold, iron, zinc as well as. Construction materials includes limestone, clay, granite and sand for construction...The reserves of mineral resources of the Province are large in size which is a favorable condition for mining industry development and for the production of construction materials.

Tourism resources: With the geographical conditions of the highlands and diverse terrain feature, Gia Lai is well-endowed with many beautiful landscapes such as Phu Cuong waterfall (Chu Se district), Bien Ho (Pleiku), Ayun Halake (Phu Thien), la Ly Lake (Chu Pah district), Dak Po Hill (Dak Po District), Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Kon Chu Rang Nature conservation site... Gia Lai also has Tay Son Thuong Dao historic site (An Khe town), Stor village-in-war attached with legendary Nup hero (Kbang district), Pleiku Prison (Pleiku), Vua Lua (Phu Thien district) and other famous historical sites like Plei Me (Chu Prong district) and Ham Rong Mountain (Pleiku city)... Especially, Gia Lai retains its excellent values and origins of art as well as Western Highlands gong heritage - 'The Oral Masterpieces and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

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