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Transport infrastructure:

  • Roads: Roads system of Gia Lai province is relatively well developed, with many national highways such as: National Highway No.14, National Highway No.14C (along the border with Vietnam -Cambodia), National Highway No.19 (connecting Gia Lai with Quy Nhon Port, Binh Dinh Province and the northeastern provinces of Cambodia), National Highway No.25 and Eastern Truong Son Trail. All routes to the district center of the province were paved which meets the III-level urban road system of mountainous standards.

  • Airline:Pleiku airport in Gia Lai Province is being upgraded to accommodate medium aircrafts. Currently there are flights from Pleiku to Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang city and Hanoi etc... and vice versa to serve the needs of passengers.

Electricity infrastructure:

  • The power supply systems have increasingly developed to meet the requirements of the province's socio- economic development. There are 42 hydroelectric generating plants with a total capacity of 2,170.955MW in the Province. Total electricity in production in the province reached 6.14 billion kWh/year. The national grid was spread to 100% of communes and wards in the province.

Water supply and drainage and irrigation infrastructure:

  • There are currently 337 irrigation works (reservoirs, dams, pumping stations) with the irrigation capacity of about 54,239 ha in the Province. Until now, the percentage of households that have access to clean water is about 94%. Every Urban centers, industrial parks and economic zones has been equipped with the drainage system.

  Postal and telecommunications infrastructure:

  • The Gia Lai's Posts and Telecommunications service has been quickly developed in quantity and quality. The province has approximately 1,401 million telephone subscribers or 100,2 subscribers / 100 inhabitants equivalently and 4.8 subscribers /100 inhabitants regarding the Internet subscribers. The infrastructure of Postal - telecommunications services is comprehensively developed and modernized.

Industrial parks and economic zones infrastructure:

  • Gia Lai has Tra Da Industrial Zone with land area of 124.5 ha which has already attracted 42 investment projects with 100% of occupancy. Besides, it is planned that every local have at least one local industry zone-handicraft village.
  • In addition to the industrial parks, there is also 110-ha Le Thanh international border gate economic zone in Gia Lai Province which is expected to be expanded up to 210 ha in 2020. These economic zones' physical infrastructure has been continuously developed.

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