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Gia Lai: Solutions to effectively implement the socio-economic indicators in 2010

Ngày đăng: 02-12-2010, 07:00 - Người đăng: Administrator - Lượt truy cập: 255

According to the PPC, social and economic situation in the province since the beginning of this year towards positive development, ensuring stability goals of economic growth, curbing inflation, ensuring social security, political security in the province.

Accordingly, economic growth from the beginning of the year reached 12.9%; Agriculture-Forestry sector which rose by 6.5% career-Fisheries, industry and construction increased by 15.92%, services 14.5%. Budget revenues in the province reached 1,707 billion, up 27.8%. Export turnover reached $ 120 million, equal to 75% of the plan, up 53.4%. The total development investment capital increased over the same period. Planning and planning management has gradually come into order. Bank credit activities meet the needs of investment and development in the province. Social work turned some areas of education and training, health, fitness unforgivable, passenger transport promote efficiency. The quality of teaching and learning, healthcare for people with progressive, not to dangerous epidemics in humans. Social security is guaranteed ...

Continue to promote the socio-economic results achieved, contributing to successful implementation of the objectives and tasks planned in 2010, particularly the economic growth target of 13.2%; Mr. Chairman Pham The Dung asked the departments, the local focus synchronous implementation of solutions for socio-economic development has been mentioned in the report on evaluation of the 9 months , the Convention implementing the plan in 2010.

Also note that a number of key issues need priority attention should be paid as well organized work of flood prevention; disease prevention; urgently calculating the restructuring term crop fields fit pins to minimize the damage caused by the state of rainstorms and droughts. Focus on ensuring the raw materials for the processing plant operations. Check, check, cut the construction works have not been implemented. The departments concerned shall scrutinize the policies and mechanisms in the field of capital construction for the solution proposed amendment as a basis accelerate construction, particularly the progress of construction works in requirements for social security. Strengthening the geographical revenue. Enhance traffic safety. As well the internal protection and better focus on solving urgent problems in the province ...​

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