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Mechanisms to attract investment

Ngày đăng: 14-10-2016, 10:00 - Người đăng: Administrator - Lượt truy cập: 284

Attracting investment and development in recent years focused initially, but is still limited to no more results. The funds, including inside and outside not meet the requirements of development and the actual efficiency is not high.

To create a favorable investment environment, build and reinforce the confidence of investors in the province and outside the province, to create conditions for all economic sectors to develop favorably, contribute more to the development economy in Gia Lai, contributing to successful implementation of economic targets - society in the future, Gia Lai identified a number of guidelines and policy-oriented investment attraction with the main content The following:

On target:

To accomplish the goals of the economic development plan - in the 5 years from 2001 to 2005 social planning and development by 2010, coupled with the effective use of investment capital from the State budget, create favorable conditions for the investment projects of the central government in the province implemented, should create a strong and fundamental changes to attract investment capital development of all economic sectors in and outside the province, with the following major objectives:

+ Increase percentage raise capital for investment and development in the business sector and residents of development investment in the province in the coming years than 3 to 4 times the period 1996-2000.

+ In addition to the major projects invested under central planning in the province, to increase the rate of investment to attract investors from outside the province to about 20% in 2001-2005 and 30% in the period in 2006-2010 compared to the total capital in the province.

About orientation:

+ Encourage attracting strong investment from all economic sectors in and outside the province into an important industry with market and competitive advantages such as: manufacturing exports, agricultural processing industry forest products associated with building the concentrated material (wood, coffee, cashew, pepper, cotton, rubber ...), hydropower industry, service industry and agriculture to develop agriculture villages, projects of information technology applications, biotechnology, the development projects of economic infrastructure - social.

+ Encourage regions to attract investment dynamics, facilitating links to other regions on the basis of comparative advantage; construction zones, industrial complexes, commercial centers service was formed under the approved planning; The maximum incentive for investment in the region with economic conditions - especially social difficulties and ethnic minorities.

To ensure the implementation of the objectives oriented on the province with the following solutions:

On deployment, use implementation of policies and laws on the State's investment in the province enacted.

+ Deploying timely, full application of all policies and laws on investment-related investments issued by the State.

+ Based on the law, codified policies and incentives to encourage, ensure and support the investment needs of a widely publicized, apply appropriate framework, stable for individual sectors and regions to encourage investment in the province, to the reassuring investors, actively develop investment plans, application frameworks, the most profitable deals for investors with large projects in Gia Lai.

Build lists of projects calling for investment

+ Every year the province to build and publish the list of projects calling for investment capital as a basis for investment promotion campaign to the investors in the province and outside the province. Projects may be selected for inclusion in the list of projects calling for investment must have agreed in advance on the policy and planning, are allocating capital or financial support to the project feasibility, or build information about the project.
+ The branches and localities should quickly review the master plan and the local industry, identifying key products in line with the overall planning of economic development - by 2010 social and economic development plan - 5-year 2001-2005 socio suitable domestic consumer markets as well as current and upcoming exports to clearly identify the needs of each type of capital, including the need to attract investment from all sectors economy in and outside the province, including the attraction of foreign investment.
Simultaneously with the full implementation of policies and investment laws prescribed by the central government, should develop the rules, policies and incentives to encourage investment in line with the actual conditions of local , matters beyond the competence of the central provinces, to propose for consideration and attention:
- The provisions on incentives and investment incentives to ensure the viability of high and stable in relatively long time to make the appeal for investors, businesses in and outside the province.
- The provisions on the promotion and provincial incentive applies to both investors and enterprises inside and outside the province, the domestic investment and foreign investment in order to create a stable environment, equality in production and business, and has a number of regulations on investment conditions and incentives in line with each object, each field in a certain time period.
- It is necessary to study the formation of investment funds in support of the provinces, with strict operating regulations and ventilated to directly or indirectly support the investors, the business when the investment project under special incentives in the province.
- The provisions on encouragement and incentives to create favorable conditions for rapid procedures on time, helping investors and enterprises with investment projects easy access to all investment projects, easy access to all sources of capital, diversification of forms of attracting investment capital.
The allocation of investment budgets for development must focus on the development of economic infrastructure - social, prioritize capital for industrial zones, border economic zones, the areas of motivation, the material area focus to create "push" to promote the attraction of business investment and residential. Sectors and localities should not mobilize businesses to participate more in the work contribute to building infrastructure that according to regulations on accounting planning mode is not depreciated.
Along with the full implementation of the provisions of the State on land policy, provincial and local authorities to promptly resolve the difficulties and problems of land and compensation for site clearance to facilitate events accelerate project implementation. Resolutely enforcing clearance for the case was decided, and the regulations of the State but deliberately failing to abide to support the investment.

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