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Need to expand the object of legal aid

Ngày đăng: 31-10-2016, 10:00 - Người đăng: Administrator - Lượt truy cập: 308

(GLO) - On 27-10, the 2nd session of the National Assembly held XIV discussed on a number of draft laws, including the Law on Legal Aid (Amendment) before being discussed at the Council school on 7 and 10-11. In this panel discussion, several delegates from the Congress delegation said Gia Lai province should have a specific agenda gradual socialization activities and broad subjects in legal aid.

images1181040_22_O_N_NGL.jpg                                     Gia Lai Provincial Assembly Candidates. Image: N.D.H


Accordingly, most of the deputies of the National Assembly delegation (delegation of MPs) Gia Lai province have agreed with the need enactment of the Legal Aid (Amendment) as well as the objectives and viewpoints building Construction projects such as the report of the Law on the Government to overcome the limitations and inadequacies in legal aid activities; creating a legal framework for legal aid work towards professional development; promote socialization, effective use of the resources of the State and society to provide timely legal assistance needed for vulnerable people unable to afford legal services and people under current policy. The enactment of the Law is to concretize the provisions of the Constitution in 2013, ensuring the consistency, unity of the legal system, in accordance with the conditions of economic development of the country's socio-meet requirements of judicial reform, public administration reform, the rule of law building socialism and international integration.

    During the discussion, delegates Dinh Duy Crossing-Deputy Head of Delegation of MPs Gia Lai suggested the Government should clearly report the State's investment in the field of legal assistance in the past years and how obstacles thereby to expand the object of legal aid in the near future. Beyond his proposal to expand legal aid object is ethnic minority audiences without distinction Slot 1, Slot 2 or 3 similar to the exemption of tuition for all ethnic minority students do not distinguished public areas. According to Beyond, in the Central Highlands ethnic minorities needed legal aid needs, but the branch offices of legal aid was far from the area of ​​ethnic minorities. He therefore suggested Beyond expanding audiences beyond parallel with the branch extending legal aid to the base in order to facilitate their access to legal aid facilitation of the State; should not narrow organizational and legal support activities in areas of ethnic minorities. For subjects of financial difficulties, it should clearly detail how the case is difficult financially. In addition, the regulation standards of assistants in the draft law is still high (with 5 years experience ...) and standards such as the lawyer is required to have a roadmap, but because in mountainous and ethnic minorities still difficult. There is such a new meet propagation and dissemination of law in legal aid.


                                       17 discussion group​. Image: N.D.H


Meanwhile deputies Ho Van Nien-Head MPs Gia Lai Group, raise the issue more specifically expanding legal aid. Ho Van Nien delegates proposed regulations c Clause 1 of Article 7 is that all ethnic minorities, instead of the prescribed only minority people in particularly difficult areas (zone 3); simultaneously, g rules are: households who belong to the revolution, instead of the prescribed only the meritorious, to expand more fully, reflecting favorable policies of the Vietnamese Party and State. Social mobilization activities on legal aid, delegates agreed following year two directions, with specific roadmap gradually. Mr Nien specified, Gia Lai has only two branches of the legal aid centers but are far apart and the center is about 160 km from the provincial capital, compared to the commune, they are far more should suggest continued maintain and expand the branch in mountainous and ethnic minority disadvantaged socio-economic. For urban areas, it mobilized socialization activities of legal aid. Orientation is extending legal aid for disadvantaged areas and vulnerable groups in society. On the other hand, need to diversify the forms of legal aid to legal aid activities really come to the people.


Nien agreed with delegates and delegates Crossing, Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong deputies (MPs Gia Lai) proposed adding the need to expand the scope of application objects. According to Ms. Phuong, the draft law should cover more areas of legal assistance, such as children, people with disabilities ... Besides, the draft law is not specific content of socialization activities of legal aid; the proposal does not give provisions collaborators that legal aid should be maintained to perform in mountainous, remote and ethnic minorities; suggested retaining the central branch as legal assistance to current law.

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