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Positive changes from the collective economy

Ngày đăng: 13-10-2016, 11:00 - Người đăng: Administrator - Lượt truy cập: 273

In recent years, the majority of cooperatives (cooperatives) in the province has focused on capacity building of staff management and business multi-industry, multi-disciplinary ... contributing economic development family health in rural areas and contribute positively to the local economy, create jobs for many workers.

Restore the traditional villages. Photo: Le Nam
According to the Steering Committee for the implementation of Resolution 13-NQ / TW5 of the province, the awareness of officials and the people of the cooperative is increasingly high, more deeply devoted practical contribution to production business in the form of cooperatives. For collective economy, in the last 5 years, as the positive impact from the implementation of the Resolution of the national Congress Party's Ninth, Resolution 13-NQ / TW5 Conference Executive Committee 5 th Party Central Committee (IXth) on "Continue innovation, development, and improve the efficiency of collective economy" has had positive changes and achieved important results, contributing to economic stability socio, reduce poverty and improve people's lives. Promoting his role, under the leadership of the provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, the provincial Cooperative Union has been actively coordinating with the departments advise the Provincial People's Committee issued the policy, economic development plan collective suit the local situation. Besides, Provincial Cooperative Alliance has focused on improving the dissemination, advocacy, economic development cooperation, cooperatives, especially advocacy guidelines and resolutions of the Party policies and laws of the State , cooperative Law, 2012; organized 16 training courses, training, professional training for 484 employees to cooperatives; in collaboration with the Provincial Extension Center opened 7 training classes for more than 400 participants ...

5 years, the collective sector which is key operatives have been many positive changes and achieve important results. The cooperative gradually overcome these problems, innovative mode of operation, management, operating and developing more new industries. Along with that, the cooperative has invested infrastructure, equipment innovation-page, in-depth investment ... contribute positively to economic growth in rural areas and households overall growth of the province, promote economic restructuring, the number of participants and more cooperative. Typically the safe vegetable production in cooperatives Tan An (Dak Po District), rice seed production in cooperative illustrations (town Ayun Pa), business management market in the first cooperatives in An Phu, An Phu II (TP. Pleiku), petroleum business in Phu Thien agricultural cooperatives (Phu Thien), brocade Weaving cooperative Glar (Dak Doa district) ... up to this point, the province has 119 cooperatives operating in the agricultural sector, industrial-handicraft, transport, construction, trade, services, credit, attracting 23,863 participants; create jobs for 19,745 workers. The total charter capital of cooperatives is more than 113.3 billion, revenue in 5 years reached more than 510.5 billion state budget more than 19 billion and profit after tax to bring more than 28.5 billion Dong. In the last term, the province has established 19 new cooperatives. In addition, the province has about 300 cooperatives operating in the field of agriculture, handicrafts, trade and services, construction ... attracting thousands of workers involved.

2016-2020 tenure, Province Cooperative Union set out specific targets in the coming term as thriving and diverse cooperatives in all sectors and industries; Newly established each year 8 to 10 cooperatives; developing and expanding new cooperative model; Some cooperative activities effectively and accounting for 40-45% is quite good, weak below 10%; built from 10% to 15% Cooperative advanced models; Cooperatives exist no forms, no operation and 2020 attracted between 70% and 75% of households in rural areas to participate in collective economic forms, or use the services of the cooperative ...

Besides, cooperatives and cooperatives to promote efficiency in the economic development of local agriculture, Provincial Cooperative Union in collaboration with the district-level function room counseling, guidance, urging the cooperatives transfer change, carried out under the Law on cooperatives, 2012. As of this time, the province has 74 cooperatives perform the conversion in accordance with the Law on cooperatives of 2012, the settlement for 1,204 workers. According to the Cooperative Act 2012, a new type of cooperative activities providing services and what to plant orientation, what raising children, buying the products for members. A new type of cooperative serves the general purchasing products and services from the market to cater for members; General sells products and services to market members; buy products and services of the members to sell to the market; processing product candidates; supply means and technical infrastructure to serve members; Credit for membership and other activities under the charter cooperative ... The cooperative after conversion has gradually overcome the shortcomings and limitations of the organization, management, operation and focus on improving the capacity of management staff, operating cooperatives, orientation activities, organize more new industries, promote joint ventures and associates.

Besides the cooperative fairly efficient operations mainly in the services sector, serving agricultural activities for members such as fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, irrigation, inland transportation, plant varieties, is the connection between farmers and enterprises through economic contracts ... are much less effective cooperative activities, not to promote their strengths. In the last term, the province established 19 new cooperatives but has 33 cooperative dissolved. With agricultural cooperatives are still many difficulties and shortcomings as charter capital is not clear, defined values ​​are managing projects, financial reporting, open books lack regular monitoring, no access the complete renovation of the property changes cooperatives. The management team is weak on professional qualifications, competence management and administration, lack of creative dynamism in the development of production-oriented business ...; for cooperatives in the areas of industrial-handicraft inefficient activities, particularly the village cooperatives produce does not meet the needs and tastes of customers, the output is not stable, so only moderately active.


Production of handicrafts. Photo: Duc Thuy

Provincial Cooperative Union Congress of the Fifth (2016-2020 tenure) with the slogan "Unity-Innovation-Integration-Sustainable Development" highlighted the resolve of the alliance system, striven overcome all difficulties and challenges, continue to innovate, develop economic cooperation, cooperative and capacity building activities of the provincial cooperative Union, contributing to sustainable economic development, ensuring social security . To accomplish the goal, the task in the coming term, Provincial Cooperative Alliance focus on implementing a number of measures such as sticking lines and policies of the Party, the State and the leadership of the provincial Party Committee, People's Council PPC implementation of the assigned tasks; strengthen propaganda and mobilization, strengthening development of cooperatives and improve the operational efficiency of the cooperative economy and cooperatives; successful implementation of preferential policies to support the development of cooperatives; fostering innovation, consolidate the management staff, technical staff of the cooperative; innovative methods, work practices, Executive Board Member, Standing Committee, each department and each officer, Provincial Cooperative Union officials ...​

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