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Promote mobilization and investment promotion

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 The province will have advocacy programs and promote investment in line with the objectives and investment requirements is conducted annually. Focused towards the potential partner financial and advanced technology. Diversification of advocacy and promotion of investment through the operation of the provincial leaders, the seminar on investment, cooperation activities mobilizing investment promotion centers big promotion in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang ... using synthetic media investment promotion through the media, the Internet, direct contact ...

Promote the propaganda introduce investment activities to create a uniform assessment of the investment climate, build websites and introduce the potential investment opportunities in service for updating and providing information and policies on investment laws applicable in the province, widely introduced projects calling for investment, praised the success of the project ...
Every year, the province will allocate funds from the budget to carry out investment promotion activities. Apparatuses and cadres to strengthen the advocacy and promotion of investment.

Improved administrative procedures

Along with implementing policies to encourage investment, will promote improvement of administrative procedures in the field of investment considered as a breakthrough to create environmental and psychological advantages for investors and businesses .
Widespread implementation of the "one stop shop" and in the shortest possible time for business registration, investment project appraisal and licensing of investment incentives. For investment projects in industrial zones, the only clue is the Industrial Zone Management Board, projects outside industrial zones, the only clue is the Department of Planning and Investment. Enhance close cooperation on the basis of delimitation of powers and responsibilities of the State authorities in the field of investment management to address the issues arising. Where there are different opinions, the agency tasked to direct chaired handling plan.
- The investment projects using budget just recently raising the contribution of the business of the people and then allow districts and base, simplify procedures and ensure openness, transparency, broad create favorable conditions for people to exercise their right to inspect and supervise the policy from its inception to the investment approval procedures, implementation and finalization of construction works in use.
- The branches and localities should reviewed by the current regulations, the public clearly defined administrative procedures for investment management, simplify and reduce unnecessary procedures, to resolutely handle serious cases of corruption, authoritarian, negative and irresponsible public officials.
For the joint venture, investment cooperation with economic organizations outside the province, especially for foreigners should allocate the qualified staff and quality management to participate in the project with the contralateral work.
The party committees, governments, mass has fully aware and make a powerful change in the process of investment and overcoming ideological dependence expect investments from the state budget, to be considered the organization the ability to mobilize a lot of people invest, the enterprises of all economic sectors in the country, and called for external investment, especially foreign investment using high technologies and modern management experience to accelerate investment in the development of the locality.
For projects with large-scale investments planned by the Government, by the Ministry or the Corporation as an investor, within the competence and responsibility, the industry, at all levels should do a good charge mission to create the most favorable conditions for rapid deployments and high efficiency, contributing to creating more jobs for local workers, creating material and technical basis of the new, contributing to increased revenue locality.

About implementation:

Provincial People's Committee will continue to promulgate specific regulations on measures to encourage and support investment in the province.
Department of Planning and Investment to help the provincial People's Committees in performing the state management of investment in the area, widespread Investment Promotion Law in the country, the Law on Foreign Investment Promotion for investors private, publicly listed investment procedures in their offices; Related departments depending on the tasks assigned by the State to the propagation and dissemination of policies to encourage investment in the mass media publicity procedures, mechanisms of action of development assistance funds , export support Fund, Development Fund of Science and technology national, the tax exemption procedures after being granted investment incentives. Police departments, the military is responsible to review the current regulations, the provincial People's Committee to consider the problems and to create favorable conditions for investment activities in the locality.

Annually, the provincial People's Committee will hold informal meetings to listen to the comments and recommendations of investors, businesses in and outside the province.

Tran Hoang

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